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Dear SIMNA member,

One of the benefits of becoming a SIMNA member is joining the international community of social impact measurement and management practitioners overseen by Social Value International (SVI). But what is 'social value'?

Back in 2018, Simon Faivel (SIMNA’s Chair) wrote:

Social value is an emerging area that sits at the juncture between many different disciplines, such as evaluation, accounting, management consulting and investment (both financial and social). It can therefore be difficult to really hone in on exactly what social value is and how we measure it. 

Social Value International defines social value as 'the quantification of the relative importance that people place on the changes they experience in their lives.”It is therefore about the preferences that people have about their lives and their environment, and how an investment into a program or activity can change that. And we need to understand, measure, value and report on this, so that better decisions can be made.

You can read the article in full here.  Simon also wrote more recently (April 2020) about why social value always matters. This was a timely reflection, part-way through the global pandemic. Read his latest thoughts here.

SIMNA pays an annual fee to SVI for its status as a ‘National Network Member’ and to be able to extend your SIMNA membership to this growing, global movement.  

The Welcome Pack below explains a) how to make the most of your membership and b) how to log on and get started. 

We hope you enjoy the many fantastic resources on offer!

The SIMNA Ltd. Team, March 2021


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